What Is the Objective of Preventive Dentistry?

What Is the Objective of Preventive Dentistry?

Nov 02, 2022

Similarly to other body parts, your teeth must be protected against disease, damage, decay, or loss. That is why you should visit the preventive dentist in Martinsville regularly. Kids, in particular, need the services of pediatric dentists for beautiful, healthy smiles. Continue reading to learn which preventive dentistry procedures your child needs.

Goals of Preventive Dentistry

The major goal of preventive dentistry is to keep gums and teeth healthy. It also focuses on maintaining excellent hygiene for good oral and overall health. A pediatric dentist near you will help your child avoid many dental problems.

They prevent enamel damage, cavities, misalignments, gum disease, tooth loss, and dental trauma. In addition, preventive dentistry treatments contain overall health conditions linked to oral health. Examples of these conditions include lung infections, diabetes, and heart disease.

Preventive Dentistry for Good Dental and General Health

A healthy mouth helps prevent secondary problems caused by poor oral health. If your mouth is clean and disease free, you will avoid issues like osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart and respiratory diseases. Poor oral health may cause problems like low birth weight for pregnant women.

Types of Preventive Dentistry Services

  1. Dental exams and cleanings

These are evaluations of your gums, teeth, jaws, and professional mouth cleanings. The Martinsville kids’ dentist recommends regular dental checkups and cleanings for kids. The twice-yearly visits help your dentist monitor their oral health and teeth and jaw development. It is during the exams that dentists detect issues that need treatment.

The cleanings aid your child’s regular oral routine. They help prevent tooth cavities, dental discolorations, and gum infections. Regular professional dental cleanings are beneficial to kids and adults.

  1. Protective mouthguards

These are devices used to protect teeth against damage due to trauma or teeth grinding. They are worn over teeth to cushion their impact, preventing damage. Mouthguards protect against cracked, broken, chipped, or lost teeth. If your child needs mouthguards, the pediatric dentist will customize them.

  1. Dental sealants

They are thin plastic coatings made of resin. Sealants are painted on the surfaces of premolars and molars to prevent cavities. They fill the grooves and pits in these teeth, sealing out acids and bacteria. Dental sealants make it easier to clean teeth helping the child maintain better oral hygiene.

  1. Fluoride treatments

These treatments help strengthen the dental enamel, reducing decay, caries, and erosion. The pediatric dentist in Martinsville may recommend fluoride treatments for kids with a high risk of cavities.

Good Oral Health Habits

You can help prevent oral health issues through good oral health habits. They are:

  • Brush twice daily

You should properly brush your teeth at least two times each day. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste for optimum hygiene. While brushing, do not neglect cleaning your tongue and the gum line. These places harbor bacteria that may lead to decay or gingivitis.

  • Floss each day

Flossing helps remove food particles, bacteria, and plaque from the spaces between teeth. You should floss in the correct way using good flossing threads. If you have braces, consult the Martinsville kids’ dentist on the right floss threaders.

  • Eat well-balanced meals

A balanced diet helps protect teeth by providing them with the necessary nutrients. Ensure your food contains calcium and vitamins for a healthy smile. Drink plenty of water because it washes away food particles that contribute to plaque formation. Avoid frequently snacking on carbohydrates and sugary foods and drinks. They increase the risk of cavities.

See Your Dentist Regularly

You should see a dentist regularly if you practice good oral hygiene and have no problems. Visiting a preventive dentist in Martinsville ensures great oral and general health. The dentist will assess your teeth to check for existing or possible problems in the teeth and gums.

The dentist provides dental cleanings to eliminate oral acids and plaque. These may lead to cavities or gum disease. They will treat any identified issues early and prevent complications and costly treatments.

There are several possibilities of oral diseases and problems today than a few years ago. Therefore, it is important to help protect your child’s teeth and smile through preventive dentistry. So, schedule an appointment for your child at Kids First Dental. Our dental team, led by Dr. Brown, will provide suitable treatments for healthy teeth.

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