Extraction in Martinsville, VA

Extraction in Martinsville, VA

As children, many people try to pull out their baby teeth to get a visit from the tooth fairy. As adults, the majority of the individuals try to preserve their permanent teeth at all costs. In the field of dentistry, preserving the natural teeth is often essential to helping patients achieve optimal oral health and wellness. Unfortunately, there are numerous situations where permanent teeth need to be removed to combat a serious dental issue.

At Kids First Dental in Martinsville, VA, we want all of our patients to be comfortable and maintain their natural smile in a healthy way. We perform dental extractions as a last resort. When we have to, we do everything possible to keep our patients comfortable. This means we feature a relaxing office with knowledgeable staff, the latest technologies, and a caring dentist.

What is an Extraction?

A dental extraction is when a professional removes a natural tooth permanently. The procedure only takes a single appointment and can be performed for numerous reasons. Some of the most frequent reasons for extraction include:

  • Preventing the overcrowding of the jaws
  • Removing a compacted tooth
  • Removing a decayed or infected tooth
  • Removing a tooth that is damaged beyond repair

Whether or not a tooth can be saved is determined by our educated dentist, who will exam your teeth and then create a customized treatment plan just for you.

The Procedure

When you arrive for an extraction, our staff will explain the procedure to you before beginning. The next step is using a local anesthetic to numb your gums, so you don’t feel any pain during removal. Using specialized pliers, our dentist gently rocks the affected tooth back and forth to dislodge it from the jaws.

When a tooth is compacted, the procedure is more complex. Our dentist will need to slice through the gums and remove the tooth, often in pieces. Once complete, the gums are stitched shut and allowed to heal.

How to Receive Treatment

If a tooth is causing you pain and you think an extraction is necessary, contact us today at Kids First Dental in Martinsville, VA.

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