The Procedure of Fluoride Treatment for Kids

The Procedure of Fluoride Treatment for Kids

Aug 01, 2022

Cavities are multifactorial, but fluoride treatment can address the issue. The fluoride procedure strengthens your child’s tooth enamel and prevents disease progression. Your child may not have insight into the essence of dental health, and you need to propel their oral hygiene practices progressively. At our Pediatric Dental Office in Martinsville, we recommend fluoride treatment for your Kid’s dental health. The procedure strengthens the teeth and prevents decay for you and your child.

How Fluoride Works

Fluoride treatment for kids is crucial since it ensures their teeth are nourished and strengthened. Bacteria in your child’s mouth metabolize carbs and produce acid that erodes tooth enamel leading to demineralization. Your Kid’s saliva also remineralizes the teeth. Fluoride combines with minerals in the saliva to form a crystalline structure that is extremely hard. Fluoride toothpaste or rinses introduce fluoride into your child’s mouth, remineralizing and strengthening the teeth.

Fluoride Treatment Recommendations

Kids dentist in Martinsville may recommend you to undertake various fluoride treatment options, including:

Using Fluoride Trays

Fluoride can be applied in trays at your dental office, and your child undergoes the in-chai procedure for a set timeframe to allow the fluoride to function effectively. The approach delivers a higher fluoride concentration to your child’s teeth, allowing it to work with their saliva to remineralize their teeth. Fluoride trays enable fluoride to settle on your child’s teeth and combine with their saliva; then, fluoride is readily eliminated once the trays are removed. The Kid’s dentist near you would advise withholding your child from eating or drinking for at least half an hour following the fluoride treatment.

Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish is a viable option utilized by our Kid’s dentist in Martinsville. Fluoride is applied to your child’s teeth in a thin layer that quickly hardens. The fluoride concentration in this approach is higher than in the trays. Varnish keeps the fluoride where it’s needed most; on the teeth. Fluoride varnish has a substantially higher absorption of fluoride than trays. After applying varnish, your child’s hygienist will advise them not to eat or drink for the first half-hour to ensure that the varnish has fully settled in, and wait 2-4 hours before brushing their teeth. It enables the fluoride to stay on your teeth longer, enhancing its effectiveness. An ideal duration is set for the fluoride varnish to treat your teeth effectively, and your dentist provides you with additional instructions.

At-home Fluoride

At our Pediatric Dental Office in Martinsville, we can recommend you home-based therapies for your child’s treatment. Using fluoride toothpaste is crucial, but you need to monitor the amount of toothpaste your child uses for teeth cleaning. You can also include a fluoride mouth rinse to their oral hygiene routine to help prevent cavities.

Encourage your kids to use the fluoride rinse daily to boost the amount of fluoride in their mouths, which will help to strengthen their enamel. It’s recommended to use a fluoride rinse before going to bed because you shouldn’t eat or drink for around 30 minutes.

When should kids get a fluoride treatment?

The procedure of Fluoride Treatment for kids can be performed bi-annually. However, if your child’s condition s severe, regular dental appointments are required. Your child’s specialist examines the Kid’s dental and determines the ideal fluoride treatment plan.

Fluoride treatments are suitable for both children and adults even though it is more crucial during teeth development. Therefore, it’s recommendable for your child to undergo the procedure from childhood through adulthood.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride revitalizes your teeth by providing minerals and strengthening the eroded tooth enamel. Additionally, fluoride inhibits the action of bacteria and prevents cavities. It aids in managing cavities by reinforcing your tooth enamel and shielding the tooth from bacterial attacks. If dental erosion occurs, the pulp cavity may be infected, damaging the tooth roots and connective tissues.

Fluoride is crucial for both you and your child, and at Kids First Dental Martinsville, we provide fluoride treatment at an early age to prevent the development of cavities. Undergoing fluoride treatment and other preventive procedures can safeguard your dental from decay and ensure your child is free from cavities. Numerous options are used during fluoride treatment, and the Kid’s dentist near you will determine the ideal one for you.

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