Role of Pediatric Dental Care for Children

Role of Pediatric Dental Care for Children

Nov 01, 2020

Children depend on adults for protection and safety. Part of your responsibility as a parent or guardian is to ensure that your child is healthy at all times. You cannot talk about being healthy without excelling in oral health. In that case, you understand why kids’ dentists are invaluable in dentistry.

If you are still thinking about whether it is time for you to take your child for the first dental visit, this text is for you. Children are ready to see a dental specialist by the time they start nursing on foods other than breastmilk and milk formula.

What Does Pediatric Dental Care Entail?

It is an area of dentistry that solely tackles the oral needs of children. Kids from infancy to teenage years all qualify for pediatric dental care. The services offered in pediatric dentistry are different from those offered in general dentistry for adults. Many of the procedures in pediatric dental health are preventive, while others are restorative. Some of the treatments and procedures you can expect in a pediatric dental clinic include the following:

  • Fluoride treatments for strengthening teeth and fighting dental cavities
  • Dental sealants for securing the back teeth to protect them from dental caries
  • Professional teeth cleaning for removing plaque and tartar from teeth
  • Orthodontic treatments for realigning jawbone and straightening teeth
  • Space maintainers for saving space for adult teeth to erupt
  • Habit training and counseling for habits like teeth grinding, thumbsucking, and using pacifiers.

What Is the Role of Dental Care for Kids?

Pediatric dentistry exists to ensure that all kids are enjoying healthy mouths as they grow up. If you have not checked in your child at Kids First Dental for their first dental visit, you should consider it as soon as possible. Some of the reasons why you must consider doing so are:

  • For proper oral hygiene – children are not the best at keeping up with their oral hygiene. It is not just that they slack, but that they lack the motivation to do so. Sometimes all the motivation a child requires is that of encouragement by an expert in the field. Besides, procedures like professional deep cleans and fluoride treatments give them a boost in oral hygiene.
  • Children have changing oral needs – one thing you may notice at dental clinics in Martinsville, VA, is that kids have varying oral needs. The oral needs change, mostly based on growth and development. As a child grows up, they have different things to handle. For example, teething problems are only evident when your child is only a few months old. As they grow up, you may need to worry about dental cavities, wearing braces, to mention a few.
  • To fight dental anxiety – many people that suffer from dental anxiety get it when they are children. A difficult and traumatic dental experience at a young age will end up shaping your perception of dentistry concerns. In that case, considering pediatric dentistry is a good way to ensure that your child has a beautiful oral experience. These memories formed in a pediatric dental clinic will go a long way in influencing how they approach dental operations in adulthood.
  • For preventive dentistry – preventive dental care means more to children than it may mean to adults. Since kids are not very particular about caring for their health, they need proactive measures enforced to help them. These range from regular dental exams and deep cleans, to procedures like dental sealants and space maintainers.
  • For nutritional counseling and supplements – as your child grows up, they go through different stages. It also means that their bodies demand different nutrients and minerals to function optimally. Getting kids to comply with healthy eating habits is not easy. In dental health, what we eat influences the outcomes of our oral health. Ideally, to fight infections in your oral cavity, it matters what you eat. Besides, some foods can cause significant damage to teeth, especially sugary ones, which kids are most fond of. In that regard, you need help from dental experts in dentistry for children t help your child get the necessary nutrients that the body and the mouth need to remain healthy.

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