How Regular Dental Exams Give Your Teeth a New Life?

How Regular Dental Exams Give Your Teeth a New Life?

Feb 01, 2021

Everyone has information that regular dental exams are an essential part of excellent dental hygiene. Unfortunately, most do not understand the importance of regular dental exams. For reasons unknown, people continue avoiding dental visits to their dentist for a dental examination without realizing how it can impact their oral and overall health.

People avoiding dental visits for dental exams can merely be attributed to dental anxiety or a hectic schedule. However, when kids are not taken to the dentist for exams and cleanings, it impacts their newly emerging permanent teeth, making them prone to tooth decay and cavities.

During a regular dental exam near you, the dentist focuses on prevention and dental hygiene. The exams enable dentists to detect problems early when they are comfortably treatable. Continue reading to learn more on why you shouldn’t avoid dental exams or even neglect your child’s teeth, for that matter.

What Happens During the Dental Examination?

Dental Exams at Kids First Martinsville proceeds in predictable steps. A general dentist performs a checkup along with an experienced dental assistant. If teeth cleaning has also been scheduled, a registered dental hygienist is also part of the team. The appointment begins by looking at your medical history and your files. The dentist asks questions about any medications you currently take, along with supplements and herbs. The dentist requests information about allergies or drug and alcohol consumption.

Your kid’s teeth and gums are examined during the second step, along with the gums, tongue, jaw, and supporting structures by the pediatric dentist in Martinsville. X-rays allow the dentist to detect underlying issues invisible to the naked eye, especially with children who have cavities between their teeth. X-rays are usually not required if your kid maintains acceptable dental hygiene practices and visits the dentist regularly for exams.

Cleaning Your Teeth

Cleaning your teeth is an essential part of any dental exam. The cleaning focuses on removing plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth and below the gum line. The cleaning procedure is not scary because new technologies have enhanced the cleaning methods. After tartar removal, the hygienist polishes your teeth and provides a lesson on appropriate brushing and flossing techniques to reduce the risks of dental issues going ahead.

After the cleaning process, Dr. Brown from kids’ first dental Martinsville performs another visual exam to check for familiar dental abnormalities. The exam enables the dentist to predict future dental problems and also includes oral cancer screening for adults.

After the patient is thoroughly examined and the teeth are cleaned, the dentist will discuss any problems or discoveries with you. If potential issues are around the horizon, the dentist provides a referral to specialists for treatment or gives you additional guidance on caring for your teeth. The dentist will discuss nutritional habits and any other issues related to your oral hygiene at the end of the discussion.

How Regular Dental Exams Give Your Teeth a New Life?

The most significant aspect of regular dental exams is an evaluation of your oral health. During the assessment, the dentist looks closely at your teeth for signs and symptoms of potential dental issues. When you regularly visit your dentist, you enable them to detect problems in the earliest stages when addressing them is most comfortable.

Regular dental exams ensure you gain from the difference between expensive dental procedures taking multiple visits or one short appointment that’s painless and affordable. Indirectly it means the exams result in savings to prove beneficial in every way.

You must invest in six monthly dental exams instead of waiting until extensive, painful, and expensive problems arise. Dental exams are designed to offset patient’s dental issues in the future besides saving time, discomfort, and money.

How often you visit the dentist for routine dental exams depends on different variables. If you have existing dental issues, you may need frequent dental visits. However, if your mouth is healthy and you maintain appropriate dental hygiene practices, you benefit by visiting the dentist’s offices every six months. If you have periodontal disease or other risk factors, you may require frequent visits to the dental office to ensure the issues are resolved early and your dental hygiene remains on track.

Children must begin with dental exams and checkups from an early age to ensure they get accustomed to dental visits. Pediatric dentists are qualified professionals trained in dealing with kids. The dentist makes dental visits for kids and enjoyable and fun by teaching them the basics of dental hygiene and educating them on the benefits of having good oral health remaining with them throughout their lives.

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